April 23, 2004

Here's the initial login screen. Nothing special, but it's nice and clean, and it serves its purpose. As you can see, Toby supports the "remember me" functionality seen in many popular webmail applications, such as Yahoo! and Hotmail.

Toby Web Mail Login Screen

This is the main screen of Toby, which features a navigation frame on the left along with a navigation menu along the top. The left pane is for navigating through old messages, while the top menu is used for performing actions on messages. In this shot, you can see that Toby allows for a complex folder structure to store old sent and received messages.

Toby Web Mail Main Screen

Here we see that message composition screen. This shot shows the HTML editing mode (made possible by the open-source HTMLarea), along with the sort-by-date functionality that allows the user to view their message by the month in which they were sent or received. Also of note is the ability to specify the folder in which to save the outgoing message, a feature not found in any of the major webmail applications.

Toby Web Mail Message Composition Screen - HTML Mode

This is the same message screen after changing to text mode, which is the default mode for all new users. The left panel shows the breakdown of messages by receiver. Currently, Toby can sort messages by folder, date, sender, and receiver.

Toby Web Mail Message Composition Screen - Text Mode

Here is what the main screen looks like with messages in the current folder and a message being previewed. Apparently, this user is an avid eBay-er. As this screen shows, Toby is fully capable of displaying HTML e-mails, as well as the more common plain-text.

Toby Web Mail Message Composition Screen - Text Mode

For more information on the functionality of Toby Web Mail, see the documentation.