Toby 0.5.1 Released

May 31, 2004

This release is mainly to get the German translation included. The only other change is a bugfix for the formatting of HTML replies. Anyone using a version less than 0.5 is encouraged to upgrade to 0.5.1.

Toby 0.5 Released

May 23, 2004

This release features one major improvement and one major feature addition: the improvement is that support has been added for multipart messages that contain multipart sections within a section (commonly generated by Outlook for forwarded messages); the feature is the addition of thread arcs and thread navigation for e-mail conversations. You can read more about thread arcs here:

Additionally, the WYSIWYG editor htmlArea that is used for composing HTML messages has been upgraded and included with this version of Toby.

Toby 0.4.2 Released

May 18, 2004

Toby Web Mail 0.4.2 has been released. This release focuses on the installation and upgrading scripts, with emphasis on making Toby work with Windows servers. Also, a big fix was made to the email_message class to fix a problem where data from e-mails was being lost. It is recommended that users of any previous version upgrade to 0.4.2.

Toby 0.4.1 Released

May 11, 2004

The 0.4.1 version of Toby Web Mail has been released. Most changes are interface improvements. See the release notes and changelog for more information.

Toby 0.4 Released

May 5, 2004

Today marks the release of Toby Web Mail version 0.4. Included in this release is the new feature of language customization. Simply translate the words and phrases in the lang/en.php file into your choice of language, and then you can use Toby in your language! If you would like to help by translating, e-mail This release has only English and Spanish translations.

Another feature of this release is that the way that messages are written to the database has been rewritten. This means that Toby's ability to handle attachments and multipart messages has been greatly increased. Also, because all messages are parsed into a standards-compliant format before being saved, all of the display functions in Toby don't have to worry about non-standard messages.

Toby 0.3.1 Released

April 27, 2004
Toby Web Mail version 0.3.1 has been released. Mostly bug fixes, but a new feature has been added: messages from people listed in your address book now appear highlighted in your inbox.

Toby 0.3 Released

April 23, 2004
Toby Web Mail 0.3 has been released. New features in this version include WYSIWYG editing for HTML e-mails. Download Toby 0.3 here.

Toby 0.2.1 Released

April 21, 2004
Version 0.2.1 has been released; some important fixes are present for bugs in the 0.2 version. It is recommended that anyone using 0.2 upgrade to 0.2.1.

Toby 0.2 Released

April 7, 2004
The updates in this release mostly focus on performance: code was moved around, optimized, and old code was removed. A few bugs were fixed involving replying and forwarding, and the behaviors of the "View by sender" and "View by receiver" were slightly modifired. Download version 0.2.

Toby 0.1.1 Released

April 5, 2004
An update has been released for the 0.1 version. Several user interface bugs were fixed, along with some optimization. Nothing revolutionary, but still a step forward.

Toby 0.1 Released

March 26, 2004
The first version of Toby Web Mail has been released. It is quite useable, with only a few setbacks in the attachment-handling department. See the Sourceforge project page for the files and more details.

Initial Release Still Forthcoming

February 28, 2004
Toby has been undergoing some final development before its initial release, to make sure that all of the database tables are in place. An address book has been added, and it has been made more modular to allow for easier additions of features in the future.

First Release Forthcoming

January 18, 2004
I've almost completed the install file for Toby, as well as finding all of the references I made to directories that needed to be switched over to using the global variables defined in the config file. Next on the list is the README and then, Toby 0.1 will be released.

Toby Web Mail

January 17, 2004
Welcome to the website for the Toby Web Mail client. Updates regarding the project will be posted here, as well as major bugfixes and any other pertinent information. For a much more structured look at this information, check out the Toby Sourceforge Project page.